Ariel Body Modification Performance

hook4 Having just turned 18, Justin wanted to do something crazy that not many other individuals seek out.He wanted to push his limits and test his threshold. 3 months later he was swinging around the room at a local studio experiencing a sense of euphoria not yet matched. Since that day he has strived to educate himself and absorb all he can to better his abilities as a practioner of such a taboo lifestyle. Throught his journey he has been fortunate to be mentored and guided by the fine individuals that actually pioneered this community.He has traveled all over the U.S. attending various industry specific meets and seminars such as "Suscon" & "APP" and has taken various classes in rescue, climbing, and production rigging. As to why, simple; this is a very dangerous act not to be taken for granted. There are no guarantees against physical injury. He has a very simple outlook on it… "If you're going to play with fire, do your damndest to not get burned."